King’s Cross Square Lighting

Kings Cross Station has been given a new lease of life, thanks to a public realm redesign by architects Stanton Williams. Kings Cross Square has become a destination in its own right, opening up the space, and uncovering the Cubitt designed station facade.

The square is dramatic by day, with strong geometric patterning and architectural detailing relating to the train tracks and platforms within. By night the square transforms, illuminated entirely by LED luminaires which are integrated within the surrounding architecture. Three large feature columns are located in front of the station facade which provide the base ambient lighting levels for the square, along with the six smaller columns lining the route to departures. The station facade is illuminated by linear white light luminaires, which reinforce the powerful presence of the building after dark.

The lighting design for the Kings Cross Square was completed by a team comprising of my colleague Chris Sutherland and myself at Studiofractal, including designs for the bespoke lighting columns, public realm and facade lighting.

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Photography by Will Scott and Ben Hollands. © copyright Ben Hollands / studiofractal, all rights reserved.