Fragments Light Art Installation, Ashford

Fragments is a colour changing light art installation located on the exterior facade and car park of International House in Ashford. The design uses colour changing RGB linear LED luminaires in a patterned arrangement to break up the square geometry of the building at night.

The LED luminaires were surface mounted to the façade cladding and also within the car park beneath the building. During the day, the luminaires on the façade seem to disappear from view, but after dark the building comes alive with moving coloured patterns – visible from the Eurostar at Ashford International which is located directly opposite the building.

Fragments was designed and programmed with my colleague Chris Sutherland at Studiofractal, the installation was completed in 2011.

For more information about Studiofractal follow this link.

Photography by Ben Hollands.  © copyright Ben Hollands / studiofractal, all rights reserved.